Today, thanks to the multitude of available production technologies, objects can take on any shape and any appearance. Form doesn’t need to follow anything anymore. The real and the fake blend into each other, and so do the natural and the artificial, in a totally uninhibited way. Form is – You Name It.
Thing#1 and Thing#2 are made of moulded resin-coated fiberglass fabric by Ufacto. Their skins are applied via hydrographic printing, a dipping process through which decorative films can be mapped onto 3-dimensional objects. Picked from the image bank of the hydro-transfer film producer, the films include countless popular designs such as fake materials, flames, skulls or other biker-esthetic motifs, camouflage patterns, abstract graphics, etc. Thing#1 and Thing#2 can slide along Shelf#1 which is made of sand-blasted oak.