The « Inflatable wood » is a material that needed 10 years of research and development. It allows the production of panels with a layer of veneer on it, with the specificity of going from a flat panel to a 3D form or pattern, and back to normal.
This material is always composed by a non-porous support of variable thickness, an elastic membrane and a side with chiseled wood veneer, plastic, leather of cork…

The panel is combined with a pneumatic apparel that is programmed to automatically inject and extract air but it can also work with a manual pumping system. The patterns and the rhythm of the movements are offering a large variety of aesthetic possibi- lities. The pumping, but also the extraction can be orchestrated by music, the presence of people around, and let the light come through it.

The wood is chiseled in order to allow the rubber to increase in size while it is inflating. This chisels are forming patterns that can be designed as wished. The Citroën logo inflates with tiny chevrons patterns.
The maximum size of an inflatable zone is of 2000mm x 1000mm and the smallest 30 x 30mm. The maximum inflation size is equal of half the size of the surface. For example, a square of 200mm long can inflate by around 100mm. We usually advise our clients to place a light source close to the surface at around 200mm of it in order to give a better reading of the volume.

The price per square meter depends of the quantity, the species of wood and the complexity and rapidity of the movement wished. It is not rare that our automatic pumping system gets more expensive than the Airwood itself.

Use : Cabinet making – Interior architecture – Interior layout – Convention – Showroom display – Sculpture