Creation of « quick ornamentation » by closely combining closely a very thin layer of veneer with a non-ferrous sheet of metal such as aluminum, brass, bronze or copper. We even use our 3D printer in order to control the patterns, dimensions, colors and reliefs.

After sanding, the sheet underneath the veneer starts to appear, creating patterns that can be uniform or random, depending on the aesthetic that we are looking for. There are two kinds of results possible with our process. We can sand through the wood to make the patterns appear, or leave it without sanding. It is an alternative to the low relief sculpture. We are able to manufacture curved parts with this technique as well.

The biggest surface that we can make is 2000 mm x 1000 mm. The thicknest we can do is 10 mm. We can manufacture curved forms in 2D.
We prefer to working with dark species of wood when we combine it with metal because metal can turn the wood grey with the sanding.

The price per square meter depends on the quantity, the species of wood and the complexity of the patterns. It varies between 250 and 2000€ duty free per square meter.