ARCA Society

Arca is a multifaceted workshop...creations, prototyping, small and limited series or custom-made layouts.Trained at Ecole Boulle among others, we are using traditional method and we're implementing new techniques and materials.Definitely focused on experimentation, and re-known for our innovations in furniture, we are answering various problematic's such as aesthetic, structural or mechanic questions.We're using our expertise to serve architects and designers by creating craftsmen or industrial solutions.Our workshop is based in Bussy Saint Georges, next to Paris. It has approximately 550 square meter surface, equipped with numerical tools (CNC, 3D printer) and a spray booth. Our field is not only cabinet making but also goes from aviation to fabric industry and we are now developing new materials and process with scientists.

Steven Leprizé


2018 : Lauréats du Grand Prix Innovation Stars et Métiers.
2018 : Lauréat National du prix Stars et Métiers CMA.
2017 : Lauréat Talents d'exception du prix pour l'intelligence de la main - Fondation Bettencourt Schueller.
2017 : Prix de l'entreprise artisanal innovante CMA 94.
2017 : Étoile de l'Artisanat Observeur Design.
2016 : Lauréat / Fondation Banque Populaire pour des projets de Recherches et Développement en cours.
2015 : Lauréat / Fondation Banque Populaire pour des projets de Recherches et Développement en cours.
2012 : Lauréat / Fondation Ernst & Young.
2011 : 1er prix / Grand prix de la création de la ville de Paris - Catégorie métiers d’art.
2010 : 1er prix / Chambre régionale des métiers et de l’artisanat d’île-de-france - Concours «vive la relève».
2009 : 1er prix / Concours Jeunes Créateurs - Ateliers d’art de France.

Our Services


Custom made is not only a matter of dimensions of a piece of furniture. In that way, and in order to meet individuals or collectors expectations, we integrate a design office. This allows us to change words into images and render most ambitious interior decoration projects.


Theses solid timber elements are used as basic components for various types of furniture. Acrylic resin is used to get functional surfaces.All objects are built in limited series of 20 pieces maximum.
This whole collection was created with both designers Camille Angibaud and Jörg Guessner.


Our specialty is wood and wood based products working of any kind. Bending, moulding, veneer, marquetry, lacsquer...
All these techniques allow us to closely fit to designers expectations.
As a small company, we are able to answer very rapidly to any need. Short lead times are our everydays work...

Clients and Partners